Writing Strategies for E-Learning

According to an article, 10 writing strategies that drive up learner engagement online – “The written word is powerful. It can encourage or discourage, inspire or depress, uplift or sadden, educate or mislead, and entertain or put you to sleep.”

Instructional designers, strive to create learning programs that inspire learners to embrace new ideas and engage in a format that is mostly driven by text with supporting images, videos and other assets. But the writing is what will make or break a course or module.

Introductions need to be engaging, scenarios inspiring, stories entertaining, assessment questions that are pertinent. The article recommends the following checklist:

  1. Grabs eyeballs
  2. Keeps learners hooked to the course
  3. Engages learners
  4. Fulfills the learning outcomes

What are some ways in which you assure your written content is engaging?

sourced from www.shiftelearning.com


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